Monday, April 6

Cherry Blossom!

I'm on spring break this week, patiently waiting for the baby to come. That means I probably will continue to post random things as I think of them, knowing that it will slow down when he comes.

This weekend, Sol took me on a mini-vacation to our nation's capital. It's just down the road. We sat in the grandstands to watch the parade. Here is our favorite insurance commercial mascot and four presidents with large heads. More importantly, they are riding in... "Stars Hollow's first PEDI-CAB!!!" Not really. Man, I miss that show.

Sol is not letting me name the baby Rory. Although one of the current top names is a variation of a MINOR character from Gilmore Girls... You guessed it. It's Doyle.

Then we walked down to the river, the trees really were pretty. I scanned the crowd for people with SLR cameras and recruited them to take our picture. Not always a guarantee. Picture taking was also difficult because there were 8 million people down there.

The trees were pretty.

So pretty.

Last year I was visiting Sol during Spring Break during the festival. It was a yucky day and the trees had not bloomed yet. This year was much better.

I think I lost those earrings. Dang it.


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