If You're Going to Stalk Me, You Might as Well Know Me

Let's make this simple.

My name is Rachel.  I'm a former middle school math teacher and current mama and designer of cute things.

My babies are Finleyborn in April 2009, and Braden, born in April 2011.   I think they are the sweetest.

My husband is a contributor to this blog in name only... I tricked him into writing a few posts, but mostly he just supports me by letting me edit photos and compose posts.  (The first post of his is really funny and worth reading.)

I like to run.  In fact, I love it.  I've run 5 marathons, and missed qualifying for Boston by 36 seconds in my last attempt.  (I ran 3:41:35.)  I really like J. Crew and Vera Bradley.  And TV.  I love lots of stuff on the TV.  I also really like taking pictures--primarily of my children. And sock monkeys.

Oh and my biggest hobby?  Selling things on Etsy at RV Parties. Go buy something.

Have a question?  Email me at rachel.annette {at} gmail . com.
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