If You're Going to Stalk Me, You Might as Well Know Me

Let's make this simple.

My name is Rachel.  I'm a former middle school math teacher and current mama and designer of cute things.

My babies are Finleyborn in April 2009, Braden, born in April 2011, Keaton, born in July 2013 and Merritt, born in September 2015.   I think they are the sweetest.

My husband is a contributor to this blog in name only... I tricked him into writing a few posts, but mostly he just supports me by letting me edit photos and compose posts.  (The first post of his is really funny and worth reading.)

I like to run.  In fact, I love it.  I've run 9 marathons, and am on an unending quest to qualify for Boston will finally run Boston in 2016! I love J. Crew and the internet and basically everything. I live in Texas.

Oh and my biggest hobby?  Selling things on Etsy at RV Parties. Go buy something.

Have a question?  Email me at rachel.annette {at} gmail . com.
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