Sunday, November 8

Sealed with a Kiss

So... Finley met his future wife on Saturday. Finley can't stop talking about Olivia. Sure he hasn't quite gotten "Olivia" down but he sure is trying.... a lot of "nein, nein" and "dah, dah".

Now, a couple of comments for all those naysayers out there that don't think a relationship between two babies can work. I don't have a lot of experience with baby couples, but these two seem to have what it takes. They communicate well (at least I think), share common interests (eating and pooping), they are both small, and like to wear shirts that are also pants (onesies).

I had a sit down with the little guy and gave him the whole "Olivia is a lady and deserves a man with sincere intentions that will honor her" talk. I am pretty sure by the blank stare and drool meant he got it.

Now, I know that Finley has quite a few choices as far as lady friends go but there are two reasons I know Olivia is the one for the ol' Finnster.

1) The last name thing. For those that don't know Olivia, she is the daughter of my very good friend Riley Scott and his wife Julia. It's pretty obvious what that means....yep Finley and Olivia Scott-Scott.

2) Awesome in-laws (at least mothers-in-law). Jury is out on the father-in-law, depends on how awesome the wedding is.

P.S. Way to go Finley. Good to see you have an appreciation for good genes.

Putting the "Sol" in "Sol and Rachel do a Blog"



  1. Hey! Good to see you are looking out for the little guy...especially with the last name issue, that would certainly have it in the bag. It's a bit of a clear shot, now.

  2. We require 50/50 of the wedding costs or else Olivia keeps her last name... - Riley


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