Wednesday, November 11

It's Hard to be a Dog

I've alluded to the fact that my dog is insane at least twice (here and here) and I recently found some supporting evidence.

I found this picture from BF (before Finley) when the only object of my camera's affection was crazy Copper.

Doesn't he look insane?

I mean really, if you saw him barrelling towards you, wouldn't you question his sanity for a minute? Did you get a good look at his eyes? So crazy.

Currently, Copper is laying in the guest bed behind me (which I call his "throne" because it is where he perches all day long) CRYING. Copper David! Why are you crying? Why are you the biggest baby in the house? Why do you eat poop out of diapers and sometimes refuse to eat treats?

It's because his life is SO HARD.

Can't you tell?


  1. Keeping them apart is a bad idea. We should let them play out some crazy.

  2. Poor Copper! We will definitely have to spoil him as well as Finn when the family comes. I guess he's missing all of his people.

  3. Copper's crying was responsible for more of my sleep loss than Finley's crying when I was babysitting them both. What a CRAZY dog- but he's cute.


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