Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Parties

Both our big boys had sweet Thanksgiving events this year--and Sol got to attend both with me! First up was Braden--he was supposed to pick an Indian name and after much deliberation he chose... Lego Drawer. Because he likes Legos and he likes drawing. It works. He was a precious little performer--singing sweetly and doing the actions.

 photo 20151119-untitled-18.jpg

We had a traditional meal of trail mix. Everyone was given a little baggie that had a mixture of symbolic snacks in them. I pretty much just ate the bugles.

 photo 20151119-untitled-13.jpg

Finley's event was a true feast--all the families (except us--slackers!) brought a dish and the kids sang a song that I apparently didn't record. Finley and his pals were all very silly Pilgrims.

 photo Print-39.jpg

 photo Print-11.jpgProof that Merritt and I tagged along too! That girl is such a trooper--she goes everywhere with us and doesn't put up a fuss. We loved getting some special time with just our big kid and getting to see him in his element. His new school is fabulous and he's learning so much!

 photo Print-33.jpg

Tuesday, November 24

Merritt Miscellany

Sometimes I just take pictures of her. Hopefully in 18 years, when she's picking out a baby picture for some graduation related activity, she'll be happy that these are all here. Assuming people still use computers and hard drives and jpgs. This all may be in vain.

 photo 20151110-untitled-9.jpg

She likes looking at the bright windows (like most babies do) and she has chubby cheeks that are super soft and squishy.

 photo 20151111-untitled-167.jpg

She was beginning to fall asleep and making such content, sweet faces in these... she was so tired, and happy to have a full belly and a view of her number one fan (me).

 photo 20151111-untitled-32.jpg

Thursday, November 19

"Pumpkin Patch" 2015

Well, we went to the pumpkin patch on the corner by our house again, and it was silly. It was slightly drizzly--and we waited until October 30th to actually go. We're kind of phoning it in left and right currently.

 photo 20151030-untitled-45.jpg

Part of me has given up a bit on getting the boys to behave like I'd want for pictures... I didn't bother getting them in cute clothes--and Keaton's hair is a mess. They all wanted to be silly on the pumpkins, and so I let them.

 photo 20151030-untitled-51.jpg

For some reason, the main activity we did at the pumpkin patch was roughhousing. I don't know why.

 photo 20151030-untitled-88.jpg

And then I suggested my new favorite photo-op--Sol holding all the boys.

 photo 20151030-untitled-72.jpg

And here's proof that our littlest pumpkin was present. She was.

 photo 20151030-untitled-93.jpg

All of my pumpkins! I can't believe I'm so lucky to have all those little people around.

 photo 20151030-untitled-76.jpg

We ran into one of my friends in town who is a photographer and I sweet talked her into taking a picture of us--Finley is being a zombie in the first one, which he thinks is hilarious. Oh, to be six.

 photo 20151030-untitled-110.jpg

And because it's fun... here are the last six years of pumpkin patch-ing.

201420132012also 201220112010 and 2009.

Wednesday, November 18

Merritt || Two Months

Two months! Hooray!!

 photo 20151111-untitled-73 copy.jpg

Month two has been spent eating as much as she can and getting chubby. We don't expect the chub to last, but for the time being, she's 12 pounds, 5 ounces, 23 inches long and her head is 39 cm. All of that is right around the 75th percentile. She's starting to outgrow her 3 month clothes but is still too little for her 6 month stuff.

 photo 20151111-untitled-122.jpg

Her sleep is still erratic--three times she's slept almost eight hours, but most of the time its somewhere between 3 and 5. More often towards the 3 side. Typical Scott baby. I've been letting her sleep on her belly since she has pretty good head control. She does nap really well during the day--so I'll try not to complain about the sleep too much or I'll jinx myself! (I really like these pictures where she's mushing her face around.)

 photo 20151111-untitled-83.jpg

She's easy to make happy--she's just a content little girl. We flew to KC a few days after she turned two months and she was a gem. She slept all but about ten minutes of the flight and was just cuddly and sweet. Sigh.

 photo 20151111-untitled-151.jpg

She sometimes sucks on her hand and sometimes lets us give her a pacifier--not sure what all of that will amount to. But it's something. She's still a bit withholding of her smiles--but if we work we can get a few! Keaton continues to be her number one fan--he was crying in these pictures because he didn't get to hold her.

 photo 20151111-untitled-208-2.jpg

As soon as I moved her over to Keaton, he was thrilled. I'm kind of excited to see what kind of hair she ends up with. Those boys all have great hair.

 photo 20151111-untitled-233-2.jpg

Monday, November 16

Star Wars Halloween

Wellll.... I did my best. It was dark and rainy by the time we made it out to trick or treat. I had really big intentions of sticking everyone back in their costumes so we could get a good picture of everyone, but we literally have not all been home when it was both light and not raining. SO. They were all so cute--so I really do want to try to get a picture sometime!

 photo 20151031-untitled-7.jpg

We were obviously THE STAR WARS. Keaton was the sweetest Ewok and wore that little hat a long time. Finley was (predictably) Luke Skywalker and we kind of tricked Braden into being Han Solo by implying that he was the same person as "Guy Dangerous" the character in Temple Run... good parenting. Merritt and I were Princess Leia and Sol was Darth Vader. You can't tell--but my dress has an awesome hood with Princess Leia buns! And Merritt's hat is adorable as well.

 photo 20151031-untitled-13.jpg

We had a great time--a few friends came over for mummy hot dogs and soup. And a special Halloween brownie monstrosity. We love our community in Beaumont!

Thursday, November 12

Merritt with Flowers on her Head

These pictures were taken over a month ago--when you could sneak around a sleeping baby and take precious pictures of her and she wouldn't wake up. And when a pretty, summery blue dress was still acceptable. Temperature wise, it's probably still acceptable, but we're all pretending it's fall here, even though that means we're hot and sweaty in the afternoons.

 photo 20151011-Merritt One Month2-73_1.jpg

I mean she looks like an absolute angel, doesn't she? I just want to kiss her all the time. So I do.

 photo 20151011-Merritt One Month2-81_1.jpg

I'm still obsessed with this little flower crown from her sip and see. I had to sneak in a few pictures of it before it's too small. I'm guessing it is too small now. Tear. Tiny baby stop growing!

 photo 20151013-untitled-37.jpg
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