Wednesday, October 3

Quick Pumpkin Patch

Today we're leaving Lawrence and heading for KC for the last stop on our great Kansas tour.  We've loved spending time with our dear friends here--watching our children play, chatting later than we should at night and cleaning up the kids' never ending messes.  We made a quick visit to a pumpkin patch Tuesday evening for a few minutes--we were the only people there which was a fun way to do it.  It was ridiculously dusty and bright--but the kids had a fun time running around in the patch, navigating the hay bale maze and going down the slide.  I love this rare picture of the two of us Julia snapped--sun flare and all.

There were some really big pumpkins, and as you can tell, Braden and Finley both thought it was a good idea to participate in making a boy tower on the pumpkin.  Nope.

There are several more pumpkin patch adventures in our future, so I hope you are in the mood for more pictures pretty much like this.

And marathon update #100: if you are interested in getting texts about my marathon progress, you can sign up here. I think it updates you 4 times during the race... unless I don't finish, in which case it will update you less. :)  I've also signed up to have it post on my Facebook wall and Twitter stream, so you can follow there too.  3:35 is my pipe dream--no one will be more surprised than me if I make it.  I'm a little nervous about immediately posting my splits in case I don't finish or end up with a 4:02 or something... but I have no pride.  At least I'm trying to have no pride.


  1. I can't find you by searching for your name on the marathon site. I need your bib number. Or for you to specify which last name you used. There are over 50 Rachels so it won't let me choose that option.

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  2. Ooooh, the sun flare is GORGEOUS!!! Love!


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