Friday, October 5

Most Embarrassing Moment

Well, today is Friday and my last blog post before the marathon.  I keep flip-flopping on how I think I'm going to do.  Here are my thoughts.

I'm going to do totally awesome.
I trained very well for about three months.
My last twenty mile run was maybe my fastest ever?
Chicago is a flat, fast course with tons of people cheering.
The weather will be PERFECT for running.
Although I've run very little in the past two months, I've pretty much lived on the ellipitical.
Also, I'm awesome and kind of deserve this after 7 marathons.

I'm going to embarrass myself.
My Physical Therapist emailed me and suggested just to "have fun" at the race. Um, I don't think I"m capable of that.
I have run 8 miles in the past three weeks.
I haven't done any speedwork in the past two months.
My Achilles is still a little tender and starts to get aggravated on short runs--will certainly bother me on a fast hard long run.
I've spent the past week sleeping in other people's houses and eating different food than I probably should--so I've probably gained a few pounds. Whoops.

...And the embarrassing self list is longer. Like I've been telling people all week, if I'm going to have a terrible race, Chicago is the place to do it.  It's going to be FUN no matter what.  My whole family will be there, there are so many people cheering and it's such a fun city to run through, there's no way I won't have a blast.

Like I mentioned last time, you can have my splits texted to you if you are interested. (Click here... Rachel Pettit Scott, #7776) They will be posted on my Facebook wall, which I've decided may embarrass me if I have to drop out or end up walking the end.  So in an effort to save myself some embarrassment, I'm posting the most embarrassing thing I can find of myself.  No seriously.

Please, never let me dance in public again.  I wish I was shocked at how awkward I am.  Happy Friday, may the words of Ludacris and beats of Justin Bieber help it fly by.  Wish me luck!


  1. Wait, that's not the most embarrassing thing ever. It's the best thing ever. And I can't believe I'm not there throwing it down with you. That was SUCH a good idea to memorize the words. Probably one of the best actually.

  2. Best of luck tomorrow! Make Chicago your bee-otch.

  3. Didn't you learn your lesson with our scathing video of us dancing at AXO? Oh the shame. You will be great- the only thing more embarrassing than you having to walk the end is if you had to watch Vic and I run the race. RUN, RACH, RUN! I have fought the good fight I have finished the race I have kept the faith.

  4. I heard Finley's song today in the store and thought of how fun it was to see you and Sol sing it together on vacation. Here you are! What a way to motivate yourself for the race.

    Chicago is just a great town to be in period. And take rain gear b/c we are heading into WET weather and I am guessing that Chi-Town will be COLD and WET.

    And only part of your family will be in Chicago..the rest of us will be virtually there! Got your info on my phone and ready to text HURRAY!

  5. Thanks for that. I needed a super hard laugh today

  6. Niiiice job! I applaud your karaoke skills!

  7. Congratulations on your Supa Fast Race.


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