Tuesday, October 9

Marathon #8

Whew. That was a doozy.

In case you weren't following along on my Facebook page or Twitter, I was able to finish the marathon--and better than I thought I would!  While I didn't make it under Boston's new standards, I ran a 3:38:29, which was a new PR for me, and a time I would have been elated about a year ago.  Therefore, I'm still elated.  I decided not to let Boston steal my thunder--I'll get there. I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS! #breakingbad

Anyways, here's me in my new snazzy coat and my dream time at the expo, followed by me after the race.

I was just so happy with how I did--by far the best race I've ever ran!  I'm going to write a full recap soon, but I'm too messed up still currently. Oh my legs.

But most importantly--thanks to my family who cheered along the course and the people who cheered on the internet. I really have the best supporters ever.  THANK YOU.

And to keep celebrating--I had Cure raise the top on my fundraiser because there were still some people who told me they wanted to donate but didn't make it in time.  So if you still want to help kids like Hope be able to walk, you can donate HERE. I was so grateful for how quickly people jumped to help--and I didn't want to leave anyone out.  So feel free to keep sharing the love!

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  1. YOU DID IT. Not like I really thought you would quit in the middle. #rockstar


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