Tuesday, May 12

Beach Weekend

So we went to the "beach" with some new, lovely Beaumont friends. Before the trip, whenever I told anyone what we were doing, I made sure to put quotes around beach--my expectations for the Texas Gulf were low. But good news! It was nice! There were very few waves and no tide which made it very safe for the kids. Yes, it was kind of murky and the visibility was like 3 inches... but that's fine. I didn't bring any scuba equipment anyways.

 photo 20150502-Beach Weekend-19-2.jpg

I accidentally only uploaded our goofy picture and not the nice one... and then I decided that we'll just go with the goofy one. We've always been exceptionally blessed to make great friends at our local church--and Beaumont was no exception. We like these guys and have taken advantage of their kindness and generosity quite a few times.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-126.jpg

The kids all had so much fun. Braden loved digging in the sand, laying in the water and just getting very messy. And we cut his curls off when we got home. Sadness. But he has a lot of hair and it's hot here.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-5.jpg

There are three boys Finley's age and they had a great time generally causing chaos and talking about Star Wars and doing boy stuff. Ok--technically this pal is like 11 months older and yes, probably 11 inches taller. We're working on a growth spurt.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-47.jpg

It looks like I only got in the one group picture? Whoops. We all took turns making meals and ate frequently on the outdoor patio. The kids ate, ran around, swung in the hammocks, rode bikes and scooters and played in a blow up water slide. And also went to the beach. Everyone came home happy and tired and sandy.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-98.jpg

Tuesday, May 5

Keaton and Elisabeth Try to Steal a Golf Cart

Keaton really really loved the beach. He loved playing in the sand and walking in the water... and mostly he loved this golf cart. Seriously--he'd rather sit in the golf than annnnyyything else. Lucky for him, his lady friend like the golf cart about as much.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-22.jpg

These two really are too sweet together. They are in the same preschool class and are best buds according to their teachers. Apparently their favorite thing to do in class is to sit on each other--which makes the other one grumpy.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-23.jpg

It's so fun to watch them act like little pals--walking around holding hands, playing with sunscreen, trying to steal a golf cart...

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-33.jpg

Also, Elisabeth is exceptionally cute. I like these little kids. Almost two year olds are fun and adorable.

Monday, May 4

Three Scott Boys

We went to a local beach this weekend--and I may drag it out into a few posts because... well why not? Starting with a few pictures of my three favorite little boys.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-139.jpg

Braden was really really upset immediately before these pictures--his balloon that I had written "BRADEN IS DARTH MAUL" on had popped, and he was beside himself with grief. He pulled it together and managed a few smiles because I promised him a new balloon. #hedoesntknowwhodarthmaulis #andneitherdoi

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-142.jpg

I can only imagine Keaton was in heaven--he pretty much lives for Finley and Braden to throw him scraps of attention. So the fact that they were hugging and kissing him? Over the moon. When they took their arms out from behind him--he aggressively grabbed them both and held their arms in his lap. Precious.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-150.jpg

And then he realized he was more interested in possibly diving off the edge of the swing. He didn't. But he thought about it. In the third picture you can kind of see Finley and Braden dramatically wiping their eyes. I'm sorry, boys. I'm sorry it was SO HARD to sit on a swing at the beach for three minutes and be nice. I'm so glad you all survived.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-159.jpg

These boys. If they weren't so cute... I'd probably lock myself in my room a lot more often.

Thursday, April 30

Finley's Lego Police Party

Finley requested a Lego Police Party for his birthday this year--he slowly added that it also needed to have science experiments and Star Wars... but I managed to keep him focused on Lego Police.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-292-2.jpg

This party was thrown together a lot quicker than Braden's--due to Keaton getting tubes and a last minute flight out of town, I didn't have much time to plan. It ended up looking a lot like the boys' parties from last year... and reusing a few elements of Braden's party. To be honest--I had a lot of stuff we didn't even get to use. We decided reusing Braden's donut pinata was acceptable... but we forgot to put it out. And I had a lot of decor from lats years black and white Batman party that never went up. Whoops! My number one party tip--don't do it all yourself. If you want a fancy party and want it to be photographed well, you need a partner. Thank God Jenn is moving back to Texas in a month!

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-16.jpg

I do looove this dessert table. I made the same veggie cups as from Braden's 1st Mustache Bash--and the same hug pretzels that we used last year. Those are always a hit! As were the lego brick juice boxes.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-36.jpg

The cake was a storebought white cake that I threw some candy and printables on and called it a day! I love the way it turned out and think it looks adorable in front of the lego brick backdrop.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-53.jpg

Black and white donuts... oreos... quick and easy food matching the color palette that looks cute in a tower. Yellow and blue were the other main colors--pineapple and blueberry fruit salad helped add a bit of nutrition to the spread.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-257.jpg

Normally my favorite thing is setting a table for the kids to sit at... but I didn't quite have enough time to fully execute my Lego Police centerpiece. The kids had lots of fun playing with it! And I continue to love these plates from Zazzle--Finley was thrilled with them!

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-72.jpg

We got hats, handcuffs and badges for all our little crimefighters to play with--and they all got fingerprinted when they arrived. That didn't make a ton of sense since they were supposed to be police officers and not criminals... but they didn't question my logic too much.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-63.jpg

It was too windy to have the candles stay lit for more than a few seconds, so the cake part of the party was somewhat anticlimactic.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-149.jpg

Apparently one of the things that comes with being six is making questionable choices--like repeatedly sticking his head in his cake. Oh dear.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-163.jpg

I meant for this activity to be done at Braden's party but we ran out of time... so our little police officers ate donuts while handcuffed! They thought it was super funny--although most of the donuts broke and fell off after a few bites.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-127.jpg

Recognize the truck? Yep, it's the donut truck. I slapped some more paint on it so we could get a little more use out of it! Our other activities were hunting for robbers (ping pong balls illustrated by Sol) and disarming bombs (black balloons!) 15 balloons was NOT enough.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-176.jpg

All the kids enjoyed pinning the mask on the robber! Finley nailed it on his first try--after that my bandanna tying skills improved!

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-55.jpg

I'm so glad we have all these sweet pictures of Finley with his pals! They were a bunch of crazy kindergartners--and Finley had a blast. When I asked him what his favorite part of his party was--he said when Riley came. So clearly, he appreciated my efforts. :)

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-186.jpg

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-85.jpg

Braden and Keaton had a blast too! Keaton loved to have his picture taken on the wall--anytime someone went over to it, he tried to go lean on it too. So big. And you can see Finley was elated to take pictures with his brothers!

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-225-2.jpg

We got a decent picture in the truck--the boys were getting pretty tired by this point.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-219-2.jpg

Sol was not too tired to take a picture with me! He's such a trooper--willingly moving things around and only pointing out that I'm ridiculous a few times.

 photo 20150425-Finley 6 Lego Police-245.jpg

Monday, April 20

Braden's Donut Truck Party

When I asked Braden what kind of birthday party he wanted to have he (of course) said he wanted a donut party. This is, after all, the boy who wanted to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch for Halloween.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-182-2.jpg

So we had a donut party. I found a cute donut truck image on Etsy that became the inspiration and started planning different donut themed treats. It was a very sugar and carb heavy party!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-193.jpg

I custom printed some fabric with donuts on it that my neighbor embroidered on to his shirt and found these little paper hats I embellished with some printables--and we were ready to start selling donuts.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-126.jpg

Since we couldn't have an actual donut truck (they certainly don't exist in Beaumont!) I constructed this PVC pipe awning to be a stand in. If anyone asked at the party, I proudly told them I made it ALL BY MYSELF after the man at Home Depot cut all the PVC pipe.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-100.jpg

I tried to have a few breakfasty type treats (pancake kabobs, fruit) to break up the plates of SUGAR. But it was hard. I commissioned a local macaron baker to make cute donut macarons and they were a big hit! And they were adorable. I ordered a large custom mix of sprinkles that matched the party and gave her a little baggie of them to sprinkle on top.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-103.jpg

The cake was probably my favorite part--it was so simple to make! And so cute. I think this may have been my first party without cupcakes--but we certainly didn't miss them!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-185.jpg

Have you heard of fairy bread? It's an Australian treat--bread with nutella and covered in sprinkles! I cut mine into donut shapes and snacked on it for several days after the party. I love making towers out of storebought treats that take up a lot of visual space but are cheap and don't take any time to make--so donut towers! I think I singlehandedly ate all the chocolate donuts. And Victoria (of course) made her famous sugar cookies in donut shapes. I served the extras the next day at bible study and everyone was literally in awe of their deliciousness.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-101.jpg

Seriously, the cake and the bunting. It was my fave. I sent Vic a picture of the cake mid sprinkle to have her help me not go overboard. I tend to go overboard.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-63.jpg

The cute little kids table was my favorite part. I normally buy the boys a melamine plate to match the party--but we have a TON of melamine plates, so I opted to print paper ones this time and LOVED them! They were so cute and made the table look even more coordinated.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-60.jpg

And another donut tower as the centerpiece. The donut shop didn't bat an eye when I asked them to make my batch of white sprinkle donuts with my custom colors.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-50.jpg

Braden was so excited about all parts of his party--when he came down in the morning he said, "WOW! WOW!" and was thrilled. Mission accomplished. It just made my heart so happy to see him enjoying everything so much!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-260.jpg

Coloring walls are another of my cheap, large visual impact faves. This one was $4.78 at the UPS Store--it served as a wall decoration until we were ready to color it!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-13.jpg

The balloons (while still one of my favorite parts) were a bit of a fail... I bought them last thing Friday night to paint them and by Saturday morning they'd lost just enough helium that the added weight from the pain made them all droop forwards. I wouldn't have had time to do them Saturday morning--so it was good enough!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-286.jpg

I was so thrilled with how this donut pinata turned out! I was dreading making it--but once I got started it was way easier and more impressive than I thought! Not to mention free--I already had everything on hand! We were a little worried it was too well constructed to actually break--but it did! And the kids all grabbed leftover Easter candy. #resourcefulness

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-219.jpg

I think everyone's favorite activity was decorating the donuts! The birthday boy ended up just eating spoonfuls of candy. And I let him.

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-211.jpg

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-210.jpg

I tried to get a picture of all the kids with the donut truck... but that was like taking a picture of a bunch of animals. Literally. Still love the picture, even though I think only two kids looked at the camera! You may see this truck show back up next week as a Police truck... if I find some time to paint!

 photo 20150411-Braden Donut Paty-310.jpg

Happy birthday Braden! I hope you come down from your sugar high soon. You are just as sweet as all the donuts.

Friday, April 10

Easter 2015

Easter accidentally snuck up on us this year. I kept reminding myself to start our Resurrection Eggs 12 days before Easter... but I miscounted and was a week off. Oh well.

 photo 20150330-Easter-2_1.jpg

We had Braden and Keaton's pals over to dye eggs and grill out--and the kids had a blast. We dyed eggs, made resurrection rolls and ate hot dogs with much zeal.

 photo 20150330-Easter-17_1.jpg

All three of the boys had Easter eggs hunt the Thursday before Easter--pretty much all at the same time. I went with Braden and Keaton and Sol went with Finley. Braden had fun--he collected his eggs very slowly and deliberately. I was a class act mom and couldn't find an Easter baskets--so the boys all brought Halloween buckets. No one seemed to mind... but I felt a little ridiculous next to all the kids with their fancy embroidered baskets.

 photo 20150402-Easter-11_1.jpg

I wasn't sure Keaton would know what to do with the eggs--but he did! The babies either collected the eggs or they would crack the first one open and be finished. He got quite a few and was so delighted with himself! Then all the babies went back to the classroom for cookies.

 photo 20150402-Easter-46_1.jpg

On Easter Sunday, we hunted for eggs in the backyard with our neighbor, Sophie. We recycled all the eggs from the previous egg hunts... no one needed more sugar. And--spoiler alert--the candy is going to be recycled again in Braden's birthday pinata tomorrow.

 photo 20150405-Easter-4_1.jpg

We managed to take a decent picture in the drizzle after church--I wore the dress from my rehearsal dinner and managed to fit a small bump in there with me. Happy Easter to all!

 photo 20150405-Easter-27_1.jpg
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