Tuesday, May 10

Merritt || Eight Months

Look at this precious nugget. Just look at her. It's a miracle I haven't eaten her yet, she's so sweet.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-54 copy.jpg

Braden was around for these photos so he snuck in for a few--he is just so sweet to her. He's sure she's a princess (I think he's right) and he's always willing to sit and play with her and read her books. It's adorable.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-13.jpg

Her biggest skill in month 8 is sitting! She's a fairly trustworthy sitter these days--I don't feel the need to surround her with pillows anymore. Her dismount is a bit clumsy, so sometimes she whacks her face on the floor when she's going for a toy... but she's getting better and better.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-62.jpg

No actual scooting or crawling yet--just those ninja moves where you leave the room and they are nowhere close to where you left them when you get back. Although since she's figured out sitting, she hasn't had the desire to be quite as mobile.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-68.jpg

She has sweet legs with just enough chunk to squeeze and her hair keeps coming in--I think its got some curl in the back. Just like I wanted.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-84.jpg

She got her fifth tooth and sometimes thinks solid foods are fun. She'll sit in the high chair and hold food... but isn't real motivated to put it in her mouth. She'll let me spoon feed her things, but isn't wildly excited about it. Her sleep improved when the tooth popped through--she slept the WHOLE WAY through the night for about three nights... and now I suspect there's another tooth coming through because she's back to her old tricks.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-93.jpg

She still likes to suck on her thumb and gnaw on her hands.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-107.jpg

She's definitely become opinionated--she'll fuss when I take things away from her that she can't have (she's great at finding every tiny piece of fuzz and trash on the floor) and she lunges for things while I'm holding her. It's fun to see her have preferences!

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-119.jpg

The next three pictures were taken like 15 seconds apart. Babies, man.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-135.jpg

She's a fairly good napper when our schedule allows it--I try to get her two good naps at home and the last one is generally in the car. She's nursing a little better--and does much better when its right before or after a nap when she's tired.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-170.jpg

She's a jewel! Her sweet smiles and soft little hands make me want a million of her.

 photo 20160511-Merritt 8 Months-194.jpg


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