Tuesday, May 12

Beach Weekend

So we went to the "beach" with some new, lovely Beaumont friends. Before the trip, whenever I told anyone what we were doing, I made sure to put quotes around beach--my expectations for the Texas Gulf were low. But good news! It was nice! There were very few waves and no tide which made it very safe for the kids. Yes, it was kind of murky and the visibility was like 3 inches... but that's fine. I didn't bring any scuba equipment anyways.

 photo 20150502-Beach Weekend-19-2.jpg

I accidentally only uploaded our goofy picture and not the nice one... and then I decided that we'll just go with the goofy one. We've always been exceptionally blessed to make great friends at our local church--and Beaumont was no exception. We like these guys and have taken advantage of their kindness and generosity quite a few times.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-126.jpg

The kids all had so much fun. Braden loved digging in the sand, laying in the water and just getting very messy. And we cut his curls off when we got home. Sadness. But he has a lot of hair and it's hot here.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-5.jpg

There are three boys Finley's age and they had a great time generally causing chaos and talking about Star Wars and doing boy stuff. Ok--technically this pal is like 11 months older and yes, probably 11 inches taller. We're working on a growth spurt.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-47.jpg

It looks like I only got in the one group picture? Whoops. We all took turns making meals and ate frequently on the outdoor patio. The kids ate, ran around, swung in the hammocks, rode bikes and scooters and played in a blow up water slide. And also went to the beach. Everyone came home happy and tired and sandy.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-98.jpg

Tuesday, May 5

Keaton and Elisabeth Try to Steal a Golf Cart

Keaton really really loved the beach. He loved playing in the sand and walking in the water... and mostly he loved this golf cart. Seriously--he'd rather sit in the golf than annnnyyything else. Lucky for him, his lady friend like the golf cart about as much.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-22.jpg

These two really are too sweet together. They are in the same preschool class and are best buds according to their teachers. Apparently their favorite thing to do in class is to sit on each other--which makes the other one grumpy.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-23.jpg

It's so fun to watch them act like little pals--walking around holding hands, playing with sunscreen, trying to steal a golf cart...

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-33.jpg

Also, Elisabeth is exceptionally cute. I like these little kids. Almost two year olds are fun and adorable.

Monday, May 4

Three Scott Boys

We went to a local beach this weekend--and I may drag it out into a few posts because... well why not? Starting with a few pictures of my three favorite little boys.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-139.jpg

Braden was really really upset immediately before these pictures--his balloon that I had written "BRADEN IS DARTH MAUL" on had popped, and he was beside himself with grief. He pulled it together and managed a few smiles because I promised him a new balloon. #hedoesntknowwhodarthmaulis #andneitherdoi

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-142.jpg

I can only imagine Keaton was in heaven--he pretty much lives for Finley and Braden to throw him scraps of attention. So the fact that they were hugging and kissing him? Over the moon. When they took their arms out from behind him--he aggressively grabbed them both and held their arms in his lap. Precious.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-150.jpg

And then he realized he was more interested in possibly diving off the edge of the swing. He didn't. But he thought about it. In the third picture you can kind of see Finley and Braden dramatically wiping their eyes. I'm sorry, boys. I'm sorry it was SO HARD to sit on a swing at the beach for three minutes and be nice. I'm so glad you all survived.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-159.jpg

These boys. If they weren't so cute... I'd probably lock myself in my room a lot more often.
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