Tuesday, May 5

Keaton and Elisabeth Try to Steal a Golf Cart

Keaton really really loved the beach. He loved playing in the sand and walking in the water... and mostly he loved this golf cart. Seriously--he'd rather sit in the golf than annnnyyything else. Lucky for him, his lady friend like the golf cart about as much.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-22.jpg

These two really are too sweet together. They are in the same preschool class and are best buds according to their teachers. Apparently their favorite thing to do in class is to sit on each other--which makes the other one grumpy.

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-23.jpg

It's so fun to watch them act like little pals--walking around holding hands, playing with sunscreen, trying to steal a golf cart...

 photo 20150503-Beach Weekend-33.jpg

Also, Elisabeth is exceptionally cute. I like these little kids. Almost two year olds are fun and adorable.

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  1. They are darling together! And they are tied for "looking at the camera" photos!


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