Monday, October 26

Merritt's Newborn Pictures

Our favorite photographer and my dear friend, Jenn, came by when Merritt was about a week old to take some newborn photos and some of our family of SIX! There's lots of photos that kind of speak for themselves... so there may not be a ton of words. The most important words are: Jenn is crazy talented and my kids are crazy cute. I may be biased on both accounts.

 photo Merritt-1.jpg

When Finley stops being so busy being a knucklehead, he's really a cute kid.

 photo Merritt-2.jpg

And Keaton's basically cute all the time.

 photo Merritt-4.jpg

I die over these photos of my FOUR kids. FOUR! Dolls.

 photo Merritt-7.jpg

Braden is just a hoot around her--he says really funny things too. We were around another baby girl Merritt's age and he saw her laying down and said, "Does Merritt have a silly face?" Because he knew it wasn't Merritt's face--but assumed it was still Merritt. He also can't ever call her she--recently he told someone, "This is my baby Merritt. He's a she." We correct him so often... he knows that she is the right word but just can't seem to work it in there.

 photo Merritt-11.jpg

 photo Merritt-13.jpg

Minus one point for me holding her in a weird way--plus a million points for everyone else looking like a superstar.

 photo Merritt-18.jpg

 photo Merritt-21.jpg

We've never done a mushy newborn shoot before, and I'm in love with these pictures of my sweet husband being in love with our little girl! Seriously.

 photo Merritt-23.jpg

I'm getting them screen printed on t-shirts to wear every day. And printing them poster size for her college dorm room. I think she'll like it and will probably help her get lots of boyfriends.

 photo Merritt-25.jpg

 photo Merritt-31.jpg

Also special--me with the little girl I didn't think I'd ever have. We think maybe she looks like me, but I think people might just be humoring me in telling me that. She does snort a lot... which is something I do.

 photo Merritt-34.jpg

 photo Merritt-36.jpg

I'm now realizing that both she and I are wearing clothes that we borrowed--I've since upped my baby girl game quite a bit!

 photo Merritt-40.jpg

So many sweet details I don't want to forget--her long fingers and toes (perfect for playing the piano or pickpocketing, according to Lorelai Gilmore), her perfect lips, and folded over, floppy ear courtesy of being smashed in my belly.

 photo Merritt-41.jpg

Ugh. In love. I'm going to go back and stare at her face some more before she turns eighteen and leaves me forever. Having a girl last might be a problem...

Thursday, October 22

Merritt || One Month

I can't believe she's been around for a month! And that a month ago I had all boys and didn't really even dream of having a girl. I think I've come to terms with the loss of my identity as a boy mom--it helps that this girl is the absolute sweetest. Except for maybe Keaton. He's so sweet.

 photo 20151011-Merritt One Month2-127 copy.jpg

I'm not sure if it's because we're veteran parents or if it's her temperament--but she really is an easy baby. She's rarely fussy, and when she is its remedied by picking her up or feeding her. She's the best.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-113.jpg

She's still sleeps a lot--she hasn't really gotten in a nap routine yet. Wearing her in the Solly wrap almost always knocks her out and car rides normally do as well. She normally sleeps for a 4-5 hour stretch at night, and then 2-3 hour ones. She's sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed for as long as we can keep her there--her last stretch of sleeping is normally with us.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-160.jpg

Merritt is doing well nursing too. She's pretty efficient and eats every 2-3 hours. She does tend to cluster feed in the evening, but I won't complain about her filling up if it means she'll sleep a bit longer at night!

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-103.jpg

World's strongest baby! Gun show! We think her eyes might be blue to stay and she has pretty much the same dearth of hair of her brothers. She's got some cheeks but they'll probably only stick around for another month or so.

Happy one month Merritt! I just realized that her name rhymes with carrot. I think we'll still keep it.

Monday, October 19

Merritt + Braden

It took me awhile to get used to pink things--and I feel like I've embraced it now. But that doesn't mean I don't still love navy! We painted a wall in our master bedroom a few weeks before Merritt was born--navy stripes in glossy and matte. I love them. And I love this little blue floral cardigan!

 photo 20151007-Merrit First Three Weeks-3.jpg

I ordered a handful of headbands--a few pink, but also, navy, gray, aqua and white.

 photo 20151007-Merrit First Three Weeks-35.jpg

Basically all I want to do is put her in different outfits and take pictures of her all day. And she can't even smile yet. We're in trouble when she starts smiling--I think the picture below is a fluke.

 photo 20151007-Merrit First Three Weeks-23.jpg

While Braden isn't quite as obsessed with her as Keaton is, he really does love her. He likes to hold her for a bit and give her kisses.  He exclusively uses male pronouns with her--we're working on reminding him that because Merritt is a girl, we say SHE. And HER.

 photo 20151007-Merrit First Three Weeks-93.jpg

With my siblings, the first and third look similar and the second and fourth look similar. If that happens here, I'll be delighted. I've always though Braden would be such a pretty girl--with the curls and the eyelashes and the round cheeks. Sigh.

 photo 20151007-Merrit First Three Weeks-95.jpg

Friday, October 16

Polka Dots and a Gold Headband

Basically, I like to put Merritt in cute outfits and lay her on cute blankets--this one I stole from Jenn. And wait for her to yawn since she won't smile.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-3.jpg

Or pose like a superhero.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-47.jpg

So, yes. She's the cutest ever. The end!

Thursday, October 15

Keaton + Merritt

When Braden was born, Finley didn't care. And when Keaton was born, Braden and Finley did not care. But Merritt? Finley and Braden are both definitely more interested in her than with past babies--but Keaton LOVES her. He loves her.

 photo 20151005-Merrit First Three Weeks-41.jpg

If she's on the floor doing tummy time, he's right next to her. Chuckling at her. Sometimes he'll lay on her blanket and try to get me to bring her over. He's always up for holding her--something that no other kid has ever been interested in.

 photo 20151005-Merrit First Three Weeks-67.jpg

Keaton has an extremely small vocabulary--he doesn't have words for Braden or Finley but he has a name for Merritt--BAE. Yes, he calls her bae and its so cute. I shouldn't be so surprised at how much he loves her. Keaton definitely has his own personality--he loves hugs and kisses and is definitely our sweetest child. I'm so excited to him continue to love her and watch their little relationship develop.

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-36.jpg

Also he's the cutest ever. The blond hair and blue eyes. Gah.

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-53.jpg

I've was never worried about Braden or Finley accidentally hurting one of the babies--but I have to keep a closer eye on Keaton. I've seen him think about picking her up--and while he likes to hold her, his way of getting her off his lap is just to push her. So we are continuing to work on those!

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-42.jpg

Wednesday, October 14

Merritt's Sip and See

If you know me, then you know that I love a party. But more specifically--I love parties for other people. The introvert in me shies away from having parties for myself. But I have been incredibly blessed with wonderful friends in Beaumont--and they really wanted to throw a party. I kept referring to it as Merritt's Sip and See so I didn't feel like it was a party for me. All the gifts were for her... so I think I was right.

 photo 20150927-untitled-18.jpg

The party was so sweet and so pink! This cute little pink outfit arrived from my aunt and uncle the day before the party and was perfect! I just HAD to have this little pink flower crown for her--even though it was kind of huge and made it hard to snuggle her. I didn't get a great picture of her in it--but we had a reshoot a few days later. Of course.

 photo 20150927-untitled-4.jpg

The party was perfect--my friends said they felt like throwing a party for me was like cooking for Julia Childs. The party was full of my favorite things--pink and gold and monograms and sweets and flowers and most importantly, friends! The party was my mom's last day in town--she actually had to head home about halfway through the party, but I was so glad she was able to come for a bit!

 photo 20150927-untitled-19.jpg

I didn't get a picture with all the guests at the party--but here's one of the hostesses! The group on the left are my Junior League pals, and the girls on the right are from our bible study. And then everyone all together. I feel so incredibly blessed by all these ladies and all the ladies who came to celebrate our sweet girl. We've made such great friends where ever we've moved, but Beaumont is really in a league of its own. Maybe it's because people are nicer in Texas? Or that we've become more interesting and people like us more? Who knows. All I know is that the people here are great and it was so great to have so many of them come out to celebrate M!

 photo 20150927-untitled-51.jpg

Friday, October 2


Oh my goodness it is HARD to take as many pictures of this girl as I did of the other three. It's hard.

 photo Merritt and Grandma-5.jpg

I snagged a few when my mom was here--it is really special that there's another daughter!

 photo 20150916-Merritt Pink Stripe-27-2.jpg

I think I have formulated a plan for monthly pictures... that will start at 1 month. We missed 0 months and I am ok with that. She's such a pretty and precious little girl. I don't want to forget the way that one ear is folded down or her long ladylike fingers.

 photo 20150924-untitled-54_1.jpg

So far she has the best skin of any of our kids--the baby acne has been mild and there's been no cradle cap yet.

 photo 20150916-Merritt Pink Stripe-17.jpg

I'm still figuring out this bow thing--they kind of get knocked off when I hold her now because she has so little head control. But I'm optimistic we can dive fully in soon!

 photo 20150924-untitled-93-2.jpg
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