Monday, October 26

Merritt's Newborn Pictures

Our favorite photographer and my dear friend, Jenn, came by when Merritt was about a week old to take some newborn photos and some of our family of SIX! There's lots of photos that kind of speak for themselves... so there may not be a ton of words. The most important words are: Jenn is crazy talented and my kids are crazy cute. I may be biased on both accounts.

 photo Merritt-1.jpg

When Finley stops being so busy being a knucklehead, he's really a cute kid.

 photo Merritt-2.jpg

And Keaton's basically cute all the time.

 photo Merritt-4.jpg

I die over these photos of my FOUR kids. FOUR! Dolls.

 photo Merritt-7.jpg

Braden is just a hoot around her--he says really funny things too. We were around another baby girl Merritt's age and he saw her laying down and said, "Does Merritt have a silly face?" Because he knew it wasn't Merritt's face--but assumed it was still Merritt. He also can't ever call her she--recently he told someone, "This is my baby Merritt. He's a she." We correct him so often... he knows that she is the right word but just can't seem to work it in there.

 photo Merritt-11.jpg

 photo Merritt-13.jpg

Minus one point for me holding her in a weird way--plus a million points for everyone else looking like a superstar.

 photo Merritt-18.jpg

 photo Merritt-21.jpg

We've never done a mushy newborn shoot before, and I'm in love with these pictures of my sweet husband being in love with our little girl! Seriously.

 photo Merritt-23.jpg

I'm getting them screen printed on t-shirts to wear every day. And printing them poster size for her college dorm room. I think she'll like it and will probably help her get lots of boyfriends.

 photo Merritt-25.jpg

 photo Merritt-31.jpg

Also special--me with the little girl I didn't think I'd ever have. We think maybe she looks like me, but I think people might just be humoring me in telling me that. She does snort a lot... which is something I do.

 photo Merritt-34.jpg

 photo Merritt-36.jpg

I'm now realizing that both she and I are wearing clothes that we borrowed--I've since upped my baby girl game quite a bit!

 photo Merritt-40.jpg

So many sweet details I don't want to forget--her long fingers and toes (perfect for playing the piano or pickpocketing, according to Lorelai Gilmore), her perfect lips, and folded over, floppy ear courtesy of being smashed in my belly.

 photo Merritt-41.jpg

Ugh. In love. I'm going to go back and stare at her face some more before she turns eighteen and leaves me forever. Having a girl last might be a problem...


  1. But that's the thing about girls. They never leave ya and call you all the time with their problems. You're set!


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