Thursday, November 12

Merritt with Flowers on her Head

These pictures were taken over a month ago--when you could sneak around a sleeping baby and take precious pictures of her and she wouldn't wake up. And when a pretty, summery blue dress was still acceptable. Temperature wise, it's probably still acceptable, but we're all pretending it's fall here, even though that means we're hot and sweaty in the afternoons.

 photo 20151011-Merritt One Month2-73_1.jpg

I mean she looks like an absolute angel, doesn't she? I just want to kiss her all the time. So I do.

 photo 20151011-Merritt One Month2-81_1.jpg

I'm still obsessed with this little flower crown from her sip and see. I had to sneak in a few pictures of it before it's too small. I'm guessing it is too small now. Tear. Tiny baby stop growing!

 photo 20151013-untitled-37.jpg

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