Friday, October 2


Oh my goodness it is HARD to take as many pictures of this girl as I did of the other three. It's hard.

 photo Merritt and Grandma-5.jpg

I snagged a few when my mom was here--it is really special that there's another daughter!

 photo 20150916-Merritt Pink Stripe-27-2.jpg

I think I have formulated a plan for monthly pictures... that will start at 1 month. We missed 0 months and I am ok with that. She's such a pretty and precious little girl. I don't want to forget the way that one ear is folded down or her long ladylike fingers.

 photo 20150924-untitled-54_1.jpg

So far she has the best skin of any of our kids--the baby acne has been mild and there's been no cradle cap yet.

 photo 20150916-Merritt Pink Stripe-17.jpg

I'm still figuring out this bow thing--they kind of get knocked off when I hold her now because she has so little head control. But I'm optimistic we can dive fully in soon!

 photo 20150924-untitled-93-2.jpg


  1. She is so cute! Little girls are just the best! I can't remember if I asked, but is there a story behind the name Merritt? It's so unique!


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