Monday, September 28

More Merritt

There's something special about the time at the hospital. You are stuck there--literally stuck in bed for some of it. All the responsibilities at home and at work are gone--its just the new parents and the new baby.

 photo 20150911-Merritt Hospital20.jpg

I'm always anxious to get home--but still have some weird nostalgia and longing to be back at the hospital. I hate the IVs and being woken up to have my pulse and blood pressure taken. But I love just being there with a new baby. A sweet sweet baby.

 photo 20150911-Merritt Hospital30.jpg

Merritt was (and continues to be) such a good baby. The nurses commented on how calm she was--and maybe some of it has to do with being fourth time parents... but I also think we may have just gotten a good one. We have vivid memories of not being able to console Finley and being at our wits end from day one with him--but this girl is sweet.

 photo 20150911-Merritt Hospital35.jpg

At her two week check up she was cruising at the 80th percentile for everything--up to 9 pounds and 2 ounces. She hasn't pooped in over a week... but her pediatrician thinks she might just be really efficient at digesting. Already exceeding expectations.

 photo 20150911-Merritt Hospital38.jpg

We're all pretty smitten with her. I'm so glad that this dude has a little girl to spoil. And that I have someone to take prom dress shopping and plan pink parties for. #blessed #noseriously

 photo 20150911-Merritt Hospital8.jpg

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  1. I didn't arrive on the Finley scene until four months and we did so much bouncing with that baby to make him happy. Now I'm counting the days till I can squeeze her cheeks. Keep them chubby until then for me, mmkay?


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