Friday, October 16

Polka Dots and a Gold Headband

Basically, I like to put Merritt in cute outfits and lay her on cute blankets--this one I stole from Jenn. And wait for her to yawn since she won't smile.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-3.jpg

Or pose like a superhero.

 photo 20151010-Merritt One Month-47.jpg

So, yes. She's the cutest ever. The end!


  1. Just ran into Abbey at Farmer's market. She said, Is Rachel going to pass these cute clothes to you? I said maybe! Until my baby outgrows her babies. And then we talked about how your lack of winters doesn't help us either. :-)

  2. Can I lay claim to the black and white polka dots?? Seriously, I think Vic and I might need to sit down together with numbered paddles and you can hold an auction for which outfits of Merritt's go to which of our babies - due basically at the exact same time - making sharing impossible. Therefore, we must fight to the death!! Or, auction. Auction sounds more reasonable.


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