Thursday, October 15

Keaton + Merritt

When Braden was born, Finley didn't care. And when Keaton was born, Braden and Finley did not care. But Merritt? Finley and Braden are both definitely more interested in her than with past babies--but Keaton LOVES her. He loves her.

 photo 20151005-Merrit First Three Weeks-41.jpg

If she's on the floor doing tummy time, he's right next to her. Chuckling at her. Sometimes he'll lay on her blanket and try to get me to bring her over. He's always up for holding her--something that no other kid has ever been interested in.

 photo 20151005-Merrit First Three Weeks-67.jpg

Keaton has an extremely small vocabulary--he doesn't have words for Braden or Finley but he has a name for Merritt--BAE. Yes, he calls her bae and its so cute. I shouldn't be so surprised at how much he loves her. Keaton definitely has his own personality--he loves hugs and kisses and is definitely our sweetest child. I'm so excited to him continue to love her and watch their little relationship develop.

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-36.jpg

Also he's the cutest ever. The blond hair and blue eyes. Gah.

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-53.jpg

I've was never worried about Braden or Finley accidentally hurting one of the babies--but I have to keep a closer eye on Keaton. I've seen him think about picking her up--and while he likes to hold her, his way of getting her off his lap is just to push her. So we are continuing to work on those!

 photo 20151006-Merrit First Three Weeks-42.jpg


  1. Such a sweet boy and girl! They will be two peas for sure!

  2. Keatie is so adorable! Love his big heart!

  3. I think you should take five seconds and update your blogger header with the CUTE photo from Jenn. Tradition and stuff.

  4. Oh, Vic... But she's right. Update.


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