Friday, June 17

Miss Merritt

I'm trying to do a better job of taking pictures and posting them... but it seems like the only thing I have to take pictures of is Merritt in a cute onesie with a headband, on a sweet blanket in this one spot with nice light.

 photo 20160606-Merritt Fashion-2.jpg

 photo 20160606-Merritt Fashion-19.jpg

She's so so cautious about crawling. She won't attempt for things if they will require too much crawling--she's willing to go about 3 or 4 feet to get something.

 photo 20160606-Merritt Fashion-23.jpg

I love the way she plops herself back down mid crawl to take a break. And I love Keaton in undies in the background.

 photo 20160606-Merritt Fashion-36.jpg

Another day... another outfit.

 photo 20160607-Merritt Fashion-13.jpg

This is about my favorite little romper in the world--I got it on ThredUp and she's wearing until I physically can't get it to snap anymore. I also love those two little chompers on the bottom.

 photo 20160607-Merritt Fashion-36.jpg

Keaton, stealing the show as usual. I love the way he intensely plays with his toys--which is mostly growling since he still hasn't decided to talk much. I also love those curls. So much.

 photo 20160607-Merritt Fashion-25.jpg


  1. Can we maybe have that diamond onesie? Probably will hit us at the wrong season but it is so cute. And the Boxed delivery boxes are totally photobombing K!

  2. She is such a cutie Rachel!! Do I remember right that you said you make those little headbands for her? Will you share the tutorial(s) you use? I love headbands and bows on little girls but don't want to spend a fortune buying them all. I'm already overwhelmed by little girl clothes and my little girl won't be here until October!! Thanks :)

    1. Those two I didn't make--they are Baby Bling Bows. The ones I did make I just kind of wing... but there are tons of tutorials you can use as a starting point!

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