Thursday, June 2

Merritt loves Texas.

Obviously, Merritt is a whole new world for us. She wears bows. Her clothes are new. Knowing that there's not a parade of sweet Scott girls to pass them down is a bit sad and makes every outfit she outgrows a little heartbreaking. Every time she's dressed extra cute Sol harasses me and says, "You are taking pictures of all her outfits, right?" And I tryyyy and I need to do better. Because it's a lot easier to keep pictures than the actual outfits.

 photo 20160426-Misc-11.jpg

Anyways, I did manage to get the camera out and take a few pictures of her playing with the great state of Texas. As you can see, it's delicious and just the right shape and size for gnawing on.

 photo 20160426-Misc-36.jpg

She had just gotten the hang of sitting in these pictures--and my goodness, I never want to forget those sweet thighs. I'm glad she giggles when I squeeze them because that's all I ever want to do.

 photo 20160426-Misc-66.jpg

She's a joy. That's all.

 photo 20160426-Misc-80.jpg

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