Tuesday, October 19

Pumpkin Patch

We pumpkin patched.  It was full of all the great pumpkin patch-y activities: goats, hay rides, and pumpkins.

Ironically, Sol had a heart to heart with me after we got gome about cutting Finley's hair.  As a few keen readers pointed out, his hair was looking a little mullet-y in the last post. In his defense, he kind of has a mullet.  But he also kind of has a mohawk, so I think that balances out.  He has an abundance of hair on the top and back of his head, it isn't his fault.  And I don't feel like I need to cut it.  Moms, help me out.  The curls in the back absolutely slay me.

Sol (obviously) wanted the biggest pumpkin he could find.  We picked out a doozy--you will get to see its carved glory next weekend.  When we checked out, I had them weigh Finley after the pumpkin, their scaled had him at 23 pounds.  Go Finn go!  We'll see what his real weight is at his 18 month appointment on Thursday.

The reason people go to pumpkin patches is to take pictures of their kids, right?  I mean, that's why I went.  The grocery store sells pumpkins.  I didn't need to drive 40 minutes and sit in a wagon of hay if all I needed was a pumpkin.  What I needed was sweet pictures of my sweet boy.


  1. Don't do it! Hold off as long as possible...he'll have short hair the rest of his life.

    But then again, my child's hair speaks for itself on my anti-cutting little boy's hair. :)

  2. And also, Noah's hair is getting kind of mullety as well. Oh well...the rest will catch up eventually. :)

  3. Rach, I'm not a mom (clearly), but I do think your sweet son is developing a bit of a mullet. I vote haircut.

  4. Haircut for the first time for little boys is a bonding event with their Dad. And baby curls are the best, sweetest thing on a little one. We still talk about Maya getting hers cut by sis Lil. I know it is another milestone event. When you are ready. Love, M


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