Monday, October 24

Pumpkin Patch

It's become a bit of a tradition to go to Butler's Orchard for our annual pumpkin picking.  This is my third year to go (first year, second year), but my first time to go sans Vic.  TEARS.  This was Em and I's third year to go together, but her first year as a married lady!  Yay EM!

It's a picturesque little orchard in Maryland with lots of fun stuff for kids.  You get to take a hayride to what we thought was a very authentic pumpkin patch.  Until we found a sticker on a pumpkin proudly telling us it was from Pennsylvania.  Fail.  Finley walked around saying, "I love pumpkins" until he decided to run off into another non-pumpkin field.

Fall family picture.  It would not be complete without someone wearing the Baby Bjorn and someone not looking at the camera.

You can't tell, but we are on a hayride here. That's why Finley's face is so full of JOY.

Finley got to experience his first pony ride.  I don't think he noticed that the pony was dressed up like a clown.  He did seem quite confident in the saddle--a future equestrian, perhaps?

We also got to see how tall short he is.  And what he would look like as a ghost.

Braden was just happy that someone was carrying him around.

Finley really liked to jump and throw the hay.  He was a little less thrilled about it being in his socks and clothes.

And that, my friends, was the pumpkin patch.  It was all we could have hoped for.  We came home with lots of pumpkins, pumpkin pie and a delicious pumpkin roll.  And then we took naps.  THE END.


  1. Your kids are cute - obvi - but really I'm noticing Em. SO PRETTY in that picture.

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  3. Hi I stumbled onto your post in a google image search (for pumpkin patch). your son's cute lil face caught my eye and reminded me of my wild 3 year old. don't you just loooove how it's so hard to get one picture of them looking at the camera? lol well beautiful blog, beautiful family and great post! Glad I stumbled on over :)


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