Tuesday, October 25


Finley isn't really into holding Braden--but he does like playing in the crib with him after his nap.  I love this series of shots of the two of them.

Even though Braden looks as big as Finley, I promise he's still littler. (Is littler a word?)  I can't believe Finley's already trying to keep cars out of Braden's reach.  Oh boy.


  1. What kills me is that you've never posted pics of B's nursery...and that the boys are so cute!

  2. Adorable pictures!!!

    Cars are a huge issue at our house. Noah is obsessed with them and Caleb thinks it's fun to take them away because it makes Noah so mad. Ugh!

  3. I'm pretty sure that B looks as big as F. I'll be the judge. TOMORROW.


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