Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Parties

Both our big boys had sweet Thanksgiving events this year--and Sol got to attend both with me! First up was Braden--he was supposed to pick an Indian name and after much deliberation he chose... Lego Drawer. Because he likes Legos and he likes drawing. It works. He was a precious little performer--singing sweetly and doing the actions.

 photo 20151119-untitled-18.jpg

We had a traditional meal of trail mix. Everyone was given a little baggie that had a mixture of symbolic snacks in them. I pretty much just ate the bugles.

 photo 20151119-untitled-13.jpg

Finley's event was a true feast--all the families (except us--slackers!) brought a dish and the kids sang a song that I apparently didn't record. Finley and his pals were all very silly Pilgrims.

 photo Print-39.jpg

 photo Print-11.jpgProof that Merritt and I tagged along too! That girl is such a trooper--she goes everywhere with us and doesn't put up a fuss. We loved getting some special time with just our big kid and getting to see him in his element. His new school is fabulous and he's learning so much!

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  1. When celebrated with friends and family, thanks giving parties are so much fun. Your son is really cute and I am happy that you had such a great thanksgiving. I was also planning to celebrate outside this thanksgiving but couldn’t find desired party venues.


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