Thursday, December 10

Merritt || Three Months

Three months!

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This girl is sweet for days--we're so lucky to have her! I think her eyes are for real blue and she's started losing some of the very sparse hair on her sweet head. Maybe due to the typical case of cradle cap we're battling. She's stingy with the smiles... not at all like Keaton who used to (and still does!) gape at you with big open mouth smiles. But the smiles and giggles are slowly becoming more frequent and they kind of make us melty.

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Tummy time is rough. She spends a lot of time in a carrier, so I feel like her head control is pretty good. She can roll off her belly and almost off her back.

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She seems just so big to me--and she still is for her age. She's a little over 14 pounds--a bad cold set her back a bit when she wasn't in the mood to eat for awhile, but I think she's rebounded. Her cheeks are chubby and her thighs are chunky, just the way I like them. I'm fully aware that we're reaching the four month mark... where my babies thin down and also sleep less. Remind me to cherish month three before it all falls apart.

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Merritt is a good sleeper (knock on wood incessantly) and was a GREAT sleeper when she was sick. She's really great in the day time--almost always I can put her down awake and she falls asleep on her own. Maybe I'm just getting really good at reading babies and finding the sweet spot to put them down. Or she's just awesome. She averages just under 5 hours at night... hopefully we can keep improving. But as I'm reminded by the three boys who sleep upstairs--it's fleeting. They all sleep plenty eventually. It's my honor to get to feed her and take care of her!

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I love her snotty nose and drooly mouth and still kind of folded over ear and her watery eye. And her soft cheeks and her scaly scalp.

 photo Print-89.jpg

Apparently I didn't get a picture of her two favorite things--sucking on her little fists and bottom lip. But I did get some slightly different faces: thoughtful, concerned and barely entertained.

 photo Print-12.jpg

Love you Mer! (We're still working on nicknames... mainly how to spell Meri/Merri.)

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  1. Just sent you a great little "brush" that gets rid of the cradle cap. Should arrive soon!


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