Monday, October 20

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Well, no fall is complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch. Even when that pumpkin patch is in front of a church and thoroughly underwhelming. For some context--here are the last five years of pumpkin-ing.

20132012, also 201220112010 and 2009.

 photo 141018-2185.jpg

Things you may notice. My boys' hair was OOC last year and they look much less like street urchins this year. Also, I kind of gave up with the whole dressing them cute for adorable pumpkin patch pictures... and let them wear character t-shirts. #thehorror

 photo 141018-2245.jpg

That first picture of Finley sums up how he feels about being made to take pumpkin pictures. He has his OWN PLANS and doesn't need me suggesting cute things to do. Surefire way to get him to smile? Telling ridiculous jokes. They don't even need to make sense.

 photo 141018-2243.jpg

And that's about right with Braden--he's snuggling his train Arthur whom he loves and adores and takes everywhere. He thinks Arthur is the Polar Express and pretty much has loved him the most for... a year? Longer than a year? It's been a long time.

 photo 141018-2270.jpg

Keaton was mildly impressed with the pumpkins. Barely.

 photo 141018-2215.jpg

I also wasn't even willing to pretend it was fall and dress in fall clothes. I inwardly chuckle at the people who insist on wearing boots and jeans and jackets because it was in the 60s like once. It is still consistently in the 80s--if I'm going to live in the heat, I'm going to keep dressing for the weather I'm in, not the weather I want. Because I'm stubborn and ridiculous. And finally... decent family picture!!!

 photo 141018-2275.jpg


  1. I appreciate this post and your dedication to the shorts year round. I did get briefly distracted by all the crazy hair your boys had last year!

  2. A pumpkin patch in front of a church is STILL a pumpkin patch!!

  3. Oh, the good old Wesley pumpkin patch! Beaumont's finest. I'm totally one of those people you chuckle at. We drop out of the 80's like once, and I call it jeans weather. Haven't given up my flip flops yet though!

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