Thursday, October 23

Soccer Shots

We put both the boys in soccer this year--and it way entertaining to say the least. The soccer complex is just a few minutes from our house which is crucial--I don't think we would have been able to make it if it were much further! The boys each have practice and a game every week--sometimes they are close in time and sometimes they are two separate outings.

 photo 140927-1958.jpg

Braden wasn't too sure about soccer. About half the time he'd refuse to have anything to do with it and just wanted to sit in the car--and the other half of the time he'd kind of kick the ball around if we were holding his hand. And sometimes he'd kick by himself--but rarely.

 photo 140927-1966.jpg

He loved two things about soccer: laying on the field and picking grass and running through the high five tunnel at the end. Maybe next year he'll be more into it... three year old soccer is pretty hilarious.

 photo 141018-2051.jpg

Finley really enjoys soccer! The first few weeks were pretty hot, but now that it's cooled down a bit he's excited about going to practice and playing. His coach is fantastic--Finley's about a head shorter than most of the kids so his coach makes a solid effort to make sure he finds a way for Finley to get the ball and participate.

 photo 141018-2156.jpg

The pictures below are some of my favorites--he has a really goofy run that he does when he's "trying" to run fast and is sometimes just in his little five year old mind instead of focusing on the game.

 photo 141018-2069.jpg

My marathon training has conflicted a bit with getting to see all their games--but Sol has been amazing and getting them all there and excited about playing! I was glad I got a few shots to remember how cute they are running around the field as little guys.

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