Tuesday, October 28

NYC Marathon Training Update

I'm in the final weeks of marathon training which means I stay up late every night googling things about the marathon. How steep are the bridges? If I start on the lower level of the bridge, will I really get peed on by the people on the top layer? Is it possible for Sol to see me more than twice? Do I really have to walk a mile and a half after the finish line just to exit the post race area? Thanks to the internet, you can have all these answers and more for the low low price of a few hours of sleep.

My parents are coming to watch the boys and Sol and I are escaping together ALONE to NYC. It's a toss up what I'm more excited about--a few days without kids or running a world class marathon.  I really do want to ENJOY the marathon and am trying not to put too much pressure on myself, which is basically impossible.  Here's what I currently think.

I'm going to run fast because I've been training hard in very hot temperatures--I'll just be able to fly in the cooler weather. I'm going to die because of ALL THE BRIDGES and then lack of any elevation change in Beaumont. I'm going to run really fast because I love my new training schedule I'm following. I pretty much totally stopped doing Barre and lost some flexibility and strength... so my bones will probably all break as a result.

The race is Sunday--I'll be starting at 9:40 and will finish... after that some time. You can go here to track me--there's a nifty mobile app or you can use the website. I'm number 17666. 

My goal for the race? I hesitate to even type it out since I famously try to BQ and barely miss it like its my job... but this year, I need to run 3:35 to qualify for Boston. The past two years, the runners have had to be about a minute and a half faster than their qualifying time to get in. So I would hope to run a 3:33. Based on how I've been training, I could be able to run a few minutes faster than that. I'd love it if I can keep all my miles under 8:00--but I'm not sure how my legs will handle the hills and how easy it will be to run quickly in the very dense crowds. I've PRed at all but two of my previous eight marathons--the two slow ones were the ones I ran months after having Finley and Braden. I'd love to PR and maybe BQ--but really, I just want to have fun.  I'm so excited to get to be a part of it and no matter what my time is, I am pretty sure I'll be thrilled to have run those streets.


  1. It's been a really, really long time since I've clicked on the blog to comment. One thought - you really need a new picture for the heading. Keaton is way older than in that picture.

    And then, the best part of commenting --- MARATHON. You are going to rock it! And have so much fun without children. So much fun. Please hear the lots and lots of cheering from our house in Boston.

    Go Rachel. Go Rachel. Go. Go. Go Rachel.

    1. I do need a new picture! Family pics next week!!! Hopefully I'll get to run in your town soo enough...

  2. BQ is a new abbreviation for me. I'll following along online since I can't in person!

    1. It's what all the cool kids say. I'm on the verge of being cool.

  3. I'll be there in person cheering hard enough for everyone that can't be! See you soon!!!

  4. I believe that you will...BQ.

  5. So excited to read your recap post-marathon! I did the exact same thing in the weeks leading up to running NYC and still felt unprepared haha, but allow me share a little bit of input from my own experience :)

    Runners Village will blow your mind. Granted, it was my first marathon, but seeing SO MANY PEOPLE from all over the world clustered together as they herd everyone through the gates to get in... it's something I will never forget. Take more throwaway clothes than you think you'll need-- if the wind is as blustery as it was for me, there's nowhere to duck behind in the open field, so it can be brutal, and the extra layers saved me, as well as a trashbag that I took to sit on (the grass was damp and cold!). The wall of cheering, screaming people that will hit you as you come off of the Queensboro Bridge and onto First Avenue will make you smile and want to tear-up and give you that push for a second wind. The crowd support never ever falters and is just phenomenal the entire way. It's totally feasible for Sol to jump on the subway and see you multiple times-- my fiance managed to navigate the city with my mom and my aunt to see me in Brooklyn, on First Avenue, on Fifth Avenue, and at the Finish. And yes, that walk to get out of Central Park will feel longer than the entire marathon, but being surrounded by everyone else (AND THAT MEDAL) kind of just buoys you along the way.

    Once you hear "New York, New York" play as you cross the Start line, just soak it all in because it is truly worth every hour spent in training, every bridge you'll run across. Have an absolutely fantastic time and best of luck on the BQ!!


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