Thursday, November 12

Say Hello to Your Friends...

2 points for anyone who can name the catchy theme song used as the title.

Because of this sweet little baby:

Finley got to have lots of babysitters over the past 5 weeks. We really missed Amy--but were glad she had some good time to get to know Calvin before she gets to handle TWO babies every day!

My pregnant pal, Carrie, was the first to take over for Amy. Finley was a good training run for Carrie--her little boy will be here in the middle of January. I wish I had the chance to hang out with a baby before Finley showed up--with all that base knowledge I would be mother of the millennium for sure. (The only picture I have with Carrie and Finley is already posted on the blog, and I REFUSE to put that vile bird on my blog twice.)

Sol's sister Summer came and cooked us gourmet meals, taught me all about cooking reality shows and began to read Finley the children's book that she is having tattooed on her arm. And she wore this shirt that kind of looks like it should be a onesie.

My sis, Laura, had a week break from med school and got to come watch the little dude for a week too. She got to experience the scooting and pooping and is the reigning champion of getting milk into my child. 8.5 ounces in one day! Go Laura and Finley!

We're so happy that Amy is back, and that Finley is beginning to forge a lifelong friendship with Calvin. Finley likes to sing along with Calvin's cries, and is teaching Calvin all about napping. And Calvin is teaching Finley how fun it is to be hungry all the time and grow to be real big.

And you guessed it--the post title is from the Babysitter's Club. Because that's what we've had the past 5 weeks, a club of babysitters. We are so blessed to have family and friends give up their time to watch Finley, and it was so good to get to spend some QT with the people we love. Thanks to Summer and Laura and Carrie for loving my boy, and thanks to Amy for coming back with sweet Calvin!


  1. Babysitter's Club! "Say hello to your friends. . .say hello to the people who care. . .nothing's better than friends. . ."

    I have no idea why I still have the theme song for the TV shows memorized :)

  2. Calvin is so cute. What a sweet little face. Finley has a new little playmate that he can teach all his cool tricks to. And now Copper needs a little pup to distract him....

  3. I disagree with Mary, respectfully. We do NOT need another dog.


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