Wednesday, November 4

Two New Tricks

In a few years, I will look back and laugh at what excitement I found in all of Finley's little changes.

This week has brought two exciting changes and I'm not sure what to do about either of them.

1. Finley is a good little scooter.
2. He poops solid turds!

I figured out how to get the video off of my camera and on to my computer, so here is my inaugural video. I decided to just post one of the two events... so here is a video of solid poop! Just kidding, it's him scooting.

Now that Finley can move around, he is fascinated with pulling the curtains, power cords and the stuff under the coffee table. And my gross running shoes. And remote controls. It's time to make the house a little safer. I'm not quite ready to have a mobile child--I want him to be my baby forever. But Sol wants Finley to be "King of All Babies" and ahead of the curve developmentally, so he gets a baby crawling workout everyday. My sister, Laura, is watching him this week and her goal is to get him crawling and talking by the end of the week. She's doing well so far.

And the poop--well that's courtesy of one mushed up banana and avocado. I love that I can recall every single food my child has ever eaten. Solid food is making cloth diapering a little different. The solid poop has to go in the toilet and our guest toilet... well... it doesn't accept large deposits. So we need a new commode. And a diaper sprayer. Poop is gross.

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