Friday, April 10

Motherhood and apple pie is for sissies

I am about to be a father. All you need to know about that is I am going to get a lot tougher over the next couple of years. Mostly it is because we are going to have a son and I need to show him what being tough is all about. So here is what I am thinking about doing:
  • Breaking a bunch of pink crayons in half
Pretty good list huh. I thought I might also get a gun, not because I know how to shoot it. I thought I might put it up on the wall in a plastic case and look at it daily for inspiration. I think I will give it a name as well. Gunner. That is its name. Or "Evil Slayer", also good. It will also be good if I ever have a girl. Then when boys show up I will invite them in and show them my gun. I won't say anything, just point, I am guessing that's enough.

I can already tell our son is going to be tough. Earlier today he was using her small intestine as a jump rope and working his boxing on her bladder. My guess is when the doctor weighs him he will be about 4 ounces less than he should be for his frame because he was cutting weight to get into a lower weight class. Yeah, he is going to be the great white hope.

Anyways, its going to be pretty cool to have a son. I always wanted a brother.

So I am probably going to refer to him as my broson. Something about one in the hand is worth two in the bush. By the way, who do you know who ever caught a bird in their hand, that would be pretty cool. I am guessing my son will probably do that.

So, for the update of the day, Rachel and I went to the MD today. She said that Rachel is the most beautiful pregnant person (men included) ever. I am embellishing. Also looks like things are getting closer and the little guy is probably coming next week. They say football is a game of inches, well pregnancy is one of centimeters, and we are one centimeter closer today.

We will keep you posted. No pun intended.



  1. I laughed so hard reading Sol's post tonight. Sol, I think you'll be a great father, you should however, petition your own mother for the baby brother (and tell me how that works out!)
    Rachel- I think you will be running again in no time. You have definitely run the most of any pregnant woman I know. And Sol has definitely run the most of any pregnant man I know - definitely!
    The cherry blossom festival looked beautiful! My dad said he was going to go to that - which means he moved to D.C! It's just temporary for work, but it also means I'm in the works of planning a (hopeful!) trip the beginning of June! Yes! Love you guys and talk to you later. I'm keeping posted about baby news - and so thankful you explained the google reader thing! I've been wondering how to keep track of my important baby blogs :) Best of luck in pregnancy, we are rooting and praying for you (that almost came out 'tooting')

  2. a plastic gun might do for the case. or you could just paint to look like florescent green plastic. so that when you take it out on your front porch and sit with it in your lap the police will think it is a toy and will not ask you for a permit. This is also good for embarrassing your children as they approach their teenage years. Alison's husband Matt

  3. Comment number one: Sol did ask for a brother and we gave him Maya. So, see what happens when you ask for the get the amazing.

    Comment number two: The gun thing is what people do in SE Ohio everyday..wish I was kidding.

    Comment number three: I love Sol and Rachel's sense of humor. That will be their best tool for being parents. Ex. Look how Sol turned out.

    Comment number four: 1 centimeter! That is good news...Baby boy is on the way.

    Comment number five: Rachel, let's talk flowers.

  4. guys crack me up. I always felt like Sol's little brother because I was the punching bag for him and his friends as a youth. Grr...I think that is why I pinch so much.

    Can't wait for the broson to come out. Gunner is a good name. He sounds athletic. And the Pettis-Scott's could use an all-star athlete in the famliy. Oh yeah...

  5. Sol, buy an over under shotgun and we will go shooting at Bull Run together.


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