Saturday, April 25

I no longer know how to blog.

I keep meaning to put something up, but its hard to put all my thoughts together in a cohesive fashion. I also realized that I don't want to spend time uploading pictures to facebook and the blog... so until I figure out how to balance the two, you get one picture here, and a link to go look at the facebook album.

We're doing really well--Finley is sleeping and eating like a pro. My parents are here now, and Laura comes Monday. I've been fed very well and am so appreciative of them. We are going to the doctor Tuesday to get started with his foot--and thanks for all the sweet prayers and encouragement you have sent our way. It's amazing to hear how common and correctable this is. We're confident all will be well.

We love being parents more than I ever could have imagined. Everyone says it's amazing and they are right. It's hard to let the poor kid sleep because I just want to hold him all the time. I can't describe how much we love him already.

And I'm getting caught up on all the tv that I missed, I know some of you were concerned about that.


  1. Good thing LOST was a rerun this week!!

  2. Saw a thumbnail pic of your baby on "The Yurasko Difference" blog and just had to click to see him... he's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations & welcome to mommyhood :-)


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