Monday, July 20

Things that are funny about this picture

1. When Sol changes Finley's diapers (which I always appreciate) he ALWAYS forgets to snap his onesie. He claims that Finley likes to be free... I'm pretty sure he just forgets. Sol's been wanting to get father/son onesies for awhile now; maybe if Sol had his own onesie he would remember to snap Finley's.

2. Finley has become an excellent drooler. It is dripping down Sol's arm in the picture.

3. He's also a pro at falling asleep whenever he feels like it. How cute is that? He's all draped over his daddy's arms. What a wonderful feeling--to feel so safe that you can just sleep where you are. Precious.

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  1. I was curious if such a thing as an adult onesie really existed...behold the glories of the world wide web:


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