Tuesday, August 4

Done and Done.

I know I initially said that the thing to do when you have a baby is start a blog, but actually the thing to do is to cut off all your hair. Why, you ask? Let me tell you why. Because it falls out in droves, because the baby gets good at grabbing things and gets tangled in it, because it falls in your face when you try to change/feed/play with the baby, and because you don't really have time to do it anyway. So, I cut it all off. Or at least 80% of it.

There is a 12 inch ponytail ready to go to Locks of Love and another 2 inches on the floor of the salon. My hair has reverted to the college-Rachel hairstyles.

It was sad. I thought about leaving a rat tail sized portion just so I could have some proof of all the hard work that went into growing that mane. It was the longest it had ever been. I was so proud. But it was time to go, and to send my hair off to be a wig for a little girl somewhere. Enjoy my hair little girl, it gets frizzy in the rain.



The hairstyle is a blend of Kate Gosselin and maybe Posh Spice, but a little softer. Some might call it a reverse mullet, you might even group it with the emo hairstyles. But I'll have you know, I've been rocking a version of this hairstyle since 2000. And I cried about the first one in the Eastminster parking lot.

I've come a long way.


  1. I really like this hairstyle on you. It's very cute and I'm sure it'll be much easier to manage!

  2. Looks great, Rachel! Can't wait to see it in real life!

  3. I love it!!!!! Yay - short-hair Rach is back! :)

  4. As a result of your most recent post, I've decided to comment on this one. I am no longer a lurky reader or whatever you called us. :)

    I remember pictures of my mom after babies, aka short hair. Kinda fun!

    - Adrien

  5. Short hair is the second thing that makes you a Mom! I love the haircut and it is much cuter than Kate Gosselin's!

  6. AHHHHH! I cannot believe your hair was once as long as mine!! OMG!!! It's so cute short and I love it!

    Also, I do NOT cut my hair short anymore because I always end up crying in a parking lot. That part never stopped so now I have to keep it long...


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