Sunday, August 9


So I've been extremely jealous of Victoria for the past couple weeks because she has photoshop and I don't. We have been pining over photos here. and all I want is to play with Finley's pictures in photoshop even though I have no idea how. So after emailing pics to Vic (ha!) for her to mess with, and researching how I can scrape up $600 for my own copy... I realized I have photoshop. It came on my school computer. I am a dummy.

I still have no idea how to use it, but its so fun to play with it! I will learn. In the meantime, here is Finley. He is ready to go. He rolls over so very quickly from his back to his belly and gets angry because he can't go anywhere after he flips over. He can scoot his way in a circle and he works really hard to get his little butt up in the air. We're trying to reason with him and let him know that crawling really isn't necessary for quite awhile. I can just bring him what he needs for now.

I'm off to run 13 miles. Yikes.

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  1. Tell us about your tricks, friend! I need to improve my photoshop skills!


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