Sunday, September 13


I spent six years living outside of Dayton, OH. I'm pretty sure my family enjoyed it there--I recall lamenting that my life was over when my parents moved us to Wichita in the middle of my 7th grade year. Of course, Kansas turned out to be a fantastic place to live, I made ridiculously fantastic friends in high school and college and met this guy who is now the father of my child. And I love him and the child a great deal.

But anyways--Ohio. We trekked to southeast Ohio to visit Sol's parents and sister this weekend and I was reminded how much I enjoy Ohio. The landscape is so lovely and it was just a peaceful place to be. I love the rolling hills and the farmy, quaint feel of the little towns you drive through.

Sol's parents live on a nature preserve with a lake. It's beautiful--when I left early early this morning to run 13 miles, there was mist rising off the lake. Unfortunately, I was too tired to go back and get my camera. And I don't know how to photoshop mist in, but here's the lake.

Sol and his dad went fishing and caught 5 fish. Finley got to meet one and it looks like he likes fish more than me. Fish make me shudder. Ick.

There was a great farmers market we dropped by--lots of local farmers and vendors to buy from. We ate dinner at a pizza place called Della Zona, that specializes in pizzas made with local produce. My pizza had all my favies on it--mushrooms, olives, capers... it was so yummy! Finley was so good the whole time and there was never a shortage of arms to hold him.

Finley loved his new cool toy--the penguin makes very silly noises when you hit it. Almost as silly as Maya's face.


  1. We loved having you and can't wait until you come back. I'll have to start baby proofing as Finley will be mobile by then!

  2. Ohio misses you Rachel! Please let us know sometime when you are going to be in Ohio - we would drive over to see you even if just for a few hours! I know that Sol's parents must love each moment that he is there!


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