Tuesday, September 15

Solid Food

So, our pediatrician recommended letting Finn try solid foods to help fill his little belly and get him to sleep better. He is still sleeping like a crazy man--which means he wakes up every couple of hours at night and won't eat much during the day. The little booger.

Even though I was fully planning on waiting the recommended 6 months before starting him on any solids, we decided it might be worth it to start a little early if it means we get a little more sleep. We'll let you know if we get any more sleep out of him. I'm not so sure its going to help...

Finley's first food was Earth's Best Organic Rice Cereal. I picked it because the box said babies prefer it. And if they managed to get a baby to express a preference for food, then it must be good.

While Finley was fascinated with the box, he was not so interested in eating the actual food. Our first attempt was last week, and it was unsuccessful. But, we tried again today and he ate a good amount of it! And it was cute--he would open his little mouth to get more.

It's funny how proud we were of him--I wish people got excited for me when I successfully get about 50% of my meal in my mouth.

It's great to be a baby.


  1. Congrats on the feeding!! I'm pretty excited to see Fin with food all over his face.

  2. I can hear him snoring away now...zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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