Sunday, October 4

20 Miles

This is what I look liked yesterday after running 20 miles.

Amazingly, I am smiling. It was a GREAT run. It really was--I loved it. I ran faster than I have in a long time and am really encouraged that I'll do way better that I thought in the marathon. I ran 3:06--which translates to 9:13 miles. Way faster than the last few runs I've done. And it felt really good. I was thrilled and couldn't stop smiling afterwards... even though my feet look like they are made of rubbery plastic and various pieces of clothing had rubbed off select parts of my skin.

I was not smiling after my previous 20 miler. It was before the Cape Cod Marathon in 2007, and after I finished I laid (layed? I never know.) down and cried. It was really bad. I was running a 5 mile loop, 4 times and I had some things stashed on one part of the run--band-aids, snacks, a Nalgene, some GU. And someone stole them on my final loop. And I was all by myself. And mentally broken down. So I cried. This one was significantly better.

I love marathons.

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