Monday, October 12

I still don't understand what coffee cake is...

Last March, Carrie and Megan trekked to NOVA with their husbands to help us prepare for Finley. Now, Carrie is expecting a little boy! This weekend, we met in the mountains outside of Charlottesville to celebrate their pending addition and Carrie's birthday.

Inside Joke for the loyal BSC readers: I got Carrie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey because Target was all out of "Liar, Liar". I also brought COK queso.

One bad thing that happened was that Carrie made Finley wear this ATROCIOUS bird head thing. He cried for hours afterwards and insisted that we put him in something purple with a powercat on it. Poor kid has a fear of birds now. Thanks a lot Carrie.

The rest of the weekend was good, here's what happened:
  • We taught Megan and Dane about Glee (Megan does not read either of our blogs or own a TV. She blames her sad existence on med school. I think she secretly hates all things fun.)
  • We ate many baked goods--including two identical coffee cakes (another BSC inside joke!)
  • We played "Office" trivia.
  • We watched our husbands lounge uncomfortably close in a chair not intended for two/three grown men.
  • We drove up in the picturesque mountainside to take pictures pick apples.
If you go visit Carrie's blog, you will see that her husband Cory has REALLY long arms. He takes really great self-portraits of the two of them, and we challenged him to take a self-portrait of all seven of us. He did it with room to spare. I think we can fit another 5 friends in there!

How cute is that kid? Precious.


  1. I think Finley looks great in the Jayhawk hat! Good job Carrie :)

    Ummm, still confused about coffee cake. Is is made with coffee grounds? That would taste gross. I bet it tastes even worse when it is made at a sports/christian summer camp.

  2. the atrocious picture of your jayhawk son was quickly forgotten when i saw the precious last one.

  3. I can't believe I designed a blog for Carrie and she made your son wear that Jayhawk on his head.

  4. Don't blame me, he kept pointing at it and saying ooo and smiling. I can't help it if he likes a certain set of colors better.

  5. i am only 11 but i can tell you have a large family.


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