Tuesday, November 17

It's Getting Better

It's been hard, real hard, but Finley is sleeping and eating MUCH better. Hallelujah!

About 3 weeks ago, we (reluctantly) started letting Finley cry himself to sleep. It's been sad, real sad. But it's been good because he's gotten to the point where he has gone to bed and slept through the night TWICE. Miracle, right? And when he sleeps through the night, he eats more the next day and sleeps better the next night... and so on. It just gets better and better.

I miss him though--I loved getting to see him in the middle of the night. And in some weird way it makes me sad that he doesn't need me to get through the night. He's so big... real big. I think I need him to stop growing.

Isn't he precious? Please be my baby forever.


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