Wednesday, November 25


Something happened on Sunday.

I went to the movie theater.

I saw "New Moon" (which I keep calling "the Twilight movie" and get SCOLDED by 13 year old girls).

And I switched my allegiance.

Sorry, Edward. I'm Team Jacob now. As one of my 8th grade girls said, "I'm Team Edward in the books, but Team Jacob in the movie. Did you see Edward with his shirt off? Gross." Out of a random sample of my 8th graders, everyone was Team Jacob. Surprising.

And then I realized that Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob) is pretty much 11.

And then I realized that I really like younger men.

A lot younger.

How can you resist?

I know this is the same picture as the previous post, just before Kanye showed up. It is far and away my favorite picture of this kid. I take like 100 pictures a day, so I was bound to get a winner some time.

Happy Thanksgiving and birthday tomorrow, Courtney!


  1. Dan and I thoroughly analyzed all the pictures that we've seen of Finley and we've figured out why this one is the best- it's the only picture which features his neck!!! Every other picture shows his cute little cheeks touching his cute little chest- no neck!!

  2. Laura's right! That kid of yours finally got a neck!


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