Friday, January 29

Inside Looking Out

What's that you say?

You're tired of me talking about how Finley can stand up now? So sorry, you are going to hear about at least one more time.

He has a whole new world now--approximately 18 more inches to explore. He loves looking out the window at the doggies, helping me with the dishwasher and crawling through the coffee table. (Yes, I know my window is DISGUSTING. The doggies love to paw at it. Germs are good for kids right?)

And while it's exciting for him to be standing and growing up, I'm even more excited that his clubfoot has healed so well. It was a little unnerving to worry about how his foot would develop and we praise God that it is going so well. He sleeps in his little splint every night and doesn't mind it at all. He is totally comfortable bearing weight on it now and we're hoping it doesn't delay his ability to walk.

PS. Speaking of walking... I mean running... I am running the Pittsburgh Marathon May 2, some marathon in the fall if I don't qualify in May (hopefully NYC!) and the Walt Disney World Marathon in January 2011. Busy busy. And then I better run Boston in April 2011 or 2012, dang it. Peace.

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  1. Graham might run the WDW 2011 marathon! ...But probably not due to class schedules. We'll see...


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