Monday, March 29


We're on Spring Break! Yippee! We're currently at my mom's house in South Carolina. We're headed to the coast soon, but stopped here to (1) see my mom and (2) get some professional pictures taken much more affordable-y than we could in NOVA.

Finley really enjoyed banging on the piano today--and I think this picture was darling.

A few of my mom's friends from the area brought their two little boys over and the three little boys composed a symphony. It was so fun to watch them sit together and bang on the keys.

Side note: I decided to shoot in RAW for the first time with these pictures and I think I butchered them. I need some advice--anyone shoot in RAW and have success? I used Photoshop to make the adjustments and think I overdid the exposure and white balance? Help please!


  1. I think it is tough to shoot in raw so I wouldn't be too worried. I am sort of wondering why you want to though since you are pretty good at JPEG. To me it seems like the HDR stuff...sort of beside the point.

    If you are determined, this looks like a good way to go...

    But again I ask, why if you could just fix it in Photoshop?

  2. On a totally non-technical note...Finley is ADORABLE playing on the piano! And to my very untrained eye I think your pictures look great but could also be because I tend to see pictures in cute or not...mostly depending on the kid...and since Finley is adorable these go in the cute category. :) Hope you're having a good spring break friend!


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