Tuesday, April 13

Finley's Baptism

Finley was baptized with his best pal Calvin on Sunday. It was a joyful experience and such a sweet time. I was a little nervous about having Finley with us during the church service--he's normally in the nursery and he is SQUIR-MY. He wiggled and turned in our arms, but loved "singing" along with the hymns at church. It was precious to hear him make a joyful noise to the Lord! We look forward to the day that he chooses to follow the Lord and until then, we pray that we are able to teach him about Jesus and raise him to be as Christ-like as we can.

He also chose Baptism Day to learn how to wave--he waved at his reflection in the car on the way to church and waved at Victoria while we stood at the front.

Here's the whole crew (minus the photographer, Victoria) who came to celebrate the special day.

We missed the Cherry Blossoms this year, but there was a gorgeous flowering tree outside the church that we got a quick picture in front of.


  1. I love how his hair comes down into a little point in front and the little pucker face he is making in the first picture

  2. We used to sing this baptism song at the church I grew up in... it would go "Finley, Finley, God claims you. He helps you, protects, you and loves you to. We are here to say this day, that we will help you on your way..." Blessings to your cutie family!

  3. What a wonderful celebration! Many blessings to little Finn and his amazing parents.

    P.S. - Nice job with the pictures, Vic! The one in front of the tree is ADORABLE.

  4. I think he should've worn a blue dress. I guess he'll just have to wait until his first communion.

  5. Laura - but if all the other boys show up in a blue dress, he must wear a purple suit. For those bloggers that don't know the history...stay tuned for Mondays with Mom next Monday and I will share the saga of "crimes committed against Rachel....the early years"


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