Sunday, April 25


This still is not a post about Finley's birthday party (sorry mom). I'm still trying to clean up the aftermath of many house guests and a first birthday fun party and adventures in DC... and Sol is out of town for the week... and I accidentally got iron drops in Finley's eye and he has intermittently screamed for the past 3 hours. I'm awesome. (Don't worry, I called poison control and then put the drops in my eye to see how bad it hurt. I'm expecting the mother of the year trophy to arrive any day now.)

Even though I feel like my life is slightly chaotic at the moment, I promised Sol I would post pictures of Finley often while he was gone. So here is the smiling chap:

I've discovered a super fun new website, I Heart Faces. If you take lots of pictures, this is the place for you. Every week they have some sort of theme where you can post a picture and then link to it from their site. Then people come tell you how great your picture is, and you get to go see other people's great pictures. It's a win-win. This week's theme is smile. And I just don't think you can beat that smile!

If you have a sweet smile of your own to share, or just want to check out others, go visit I Heart Faces to see more entries. You won't be disappointed.


  1. 'bout time for a haircut. Your brothers get a #5 clipper on the side and the top cut to 1".

  2. Pretty sure that the Moms' Club would not be voting you out for trying to keep the little man healthy. Finn's just a sensitive little guy. You do a great job with him.

  3. Love the wrinkled up little nose and his obvious enthusiasm for life (which WILL be regained shortly, iron drops in the eyes or no). You are hilarious, and I'm thinking that you really WOULD be a good recipient for a "Best Mom" trophy....


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