Friday, May 21

Finley's First Sleepover

Finley had his first sleepover last night (and technically, it is still going on). He and Calvin had so much fun. At least Amy and I told them they were having fun.

Luckily, the boys are small enough that they can slide and swing simultaneously.

How cute are they? Calvin is so sweet and smiley--he is much more delighted with life than Finley is. Everything is so funny and exciting to him! Finley is not delighted with life currently. He just wants to crawl around and chew on his hand. Smiling for pictures? Not high on his priority list.

I love them.


  1. Baby sleepover - awesome! I love these boys!

  2. Calvin has the BIGGEST eyes..such a doll baby face. Such sweet little babes.

  3. did they stay up late and gossip about girls?

  4. Of course they did Marie. They both LOVE me.


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