Monday, July 26

The first I never wanted to happen

Having a baby is full of firsts. Most firsts are joyous occasions.

First smile. First tooth. First steps.

This first was not. I've been dreading it since before Finley was born. Watch and see.

THE KID LOVES KETCHUP. I should have known this day would come. Did you see it? He dipped the fry in over and over. Like it was a special ketchup spoon.

(I edited both videos to shorter versions where I don't seem so whiny, but I guess I don't know what I am doing... so you get the UNCUT VERSION!!! YEAH!!! Sorry they are long and boring.)

If you know me well or have eaten with me often, you know that I can't handle ketchup. Or tomatoes. Or any tomato product (with the exception of Spaghettios--don't ask why, those are just the rules.) It all goes back to a Girl Scout overnight to the zoo involving bats, blood and a story about lax quality control at tomato processing plants... and rats. My poor third grade brain couldn't handle it. And now, older and wiser, I still equate ketchup with blood.

And now I have a kid who is going to have it all over his face and fingers and I'm going to have to clean it up.



  1. I am the same way but with syrup. Ick!

  2. Uggg! Unfortunately, we can empathize. T loves ketchup ("chep-pup"). Normally he sticks to dipping chicken, but he's insisted on dipping everything from avacados to chocolate cake.

  3. a child of good taste! next up: Ranch dressing!!

  4. hello, my name is jami and i love ketchup.

    i always tell people that ketchup is an all-american flavor. it's makes a really bad burger right again. somehow. it's just the power of ketchup. embrace it.

  5. I never knew the back story. That is so bizarre.

  6. I like that Finley just feeds Copper. I bet Copper is liking him more now that he gets food from Finn.

  7. This was hysterical! I love how you have Finn eating ChicFella(sp)
    already. You are personally responsible for my lunch there today complete with waffle fries. Copper will be Finn's new best friend if he isn't already. Our Charlie just sits next to Ty's high chair and waits for the mess to start. I had forgotten your dislike of ketchup and tomato sauce. It must have driven you nuts when your brothers had their spaghetti feasts at Bob Evans.

    I love your Cayman pix - keep them coming!


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