Thursday, September 30

17 Months

I'm only 9 days late.  That's not that bad.

I really love this picture and his little sneaky smirk.  And I really love what is happening at 17 months.

Finley's tentative walk has morphed into a uncontrollable "run".  He likes to spin in circles and lean on things.  It's fun to watch him figure out how all his little parts work together.

He says a lot of gibberish, but some of his favorites are: keys, shoes, door, dog, dada, I love you and a few animal sounds.  He's been doing a little bit of sign language--more and all done--but I think he sometimes gets them confused.

He loves his stuffed animals and real animals too.  He loves to be outside--and his bug bites are the proof.  He likes to color and to pretend to drink out of bottles. And he likes to brush his own teeth, but not when we brush his teeth. He is tall enough to open a few of the doors in our house--and also the door to the backyard.  Yikes!  He likes to read books and plays pretty well independently.  He's a doll.

Bedtime is normally around 8:30pm he sleeps until about 8:30am.  The last few nights he has slept through the night with his brace!  Hooray.  He takes a pretty good nap in the afternoon, normal for about 1 to 2 hours.  He eats better and has decided he likes milk (and Pedia-sure) a lot.  He chugs that stuff.  He really likes lasagna and ravioli, cheese and grapes.

How are we almost halfway to three?  Inconceivable! (Name that movie.)


  1. "As you wish"
    What a cutie!! What about a couple of sibling friends for Finley?

  2. 9 days huh? When will you give in to the little stick?

  3. Just kidding...I thought I was clever. Then I thought again.

  4. Dear Finn. I am sorry that I ruined your life today by bringing my dog through your house.


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