Saturday, October 16

Young's Jersey Dairy

During our time in Ohio, we stopped in at an old family favorite, Young's Jersey Dairy.  We used to go often as kids--they have yummy burgers and ice cream and a small petting zoo!  Ten years later, they still have delicious food, but they also have a driving range, batting cages, "fast slides" and many other exciting things.  We were surprised at how large it had become!  My favorite treat?  Fried cheese curds.  They were disgustingly awesome.

One of the two sets of tears from the trip happened at the Dairy.  Finley tried to walk between this fake cow and the wall (cow pictured below--I was struggling with the white balance) and his little baby noggin got stuck.  Quite traumatic. Luckily, he recovered enough to give us a good male model face.

I don't think Finley was quite as impressed with the animals as I hoped he'd be.  We got him to "moo" a little at the cow, and he got to pet some pigs and goats.  And then we washed his hands.

Apparently they had pumpkins there, but I must have missed the "pumpkin patch" part of it.  We're headed for the annual pumpkin picking expedition tomorrow, so stay tuned for the blog post that is sure to follow.  Although I can't seem to find the blog post from last year (but here's Vic's!) and am VERY sad that that memory officially does not exist.  Friends of mine who have stopped blogging, you will forget if you don't write it down.  Blog it out, friends.


  1. Our blogs both appeared in my reader at 4:23 EST. People are going to get creeped out.

    It's like she said. Blog it out friends.


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